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Old 31st October 2011, 09:00 AM
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Default 7" LSD, disc brakes and 13" wheels?

On my new project I will be using a sierra 7" lsd which i believe I have to use Lobro driveshafts on.

I also want to use 13" wheels and wilwood powerlite handbrake calipers. If I buy the Wilwood kit it would use a 240mm disc and a drum bearing carrier/hub with a seperate fabricated carrier. This set up would be the push in driveshaft?

So the question is can I get a combination of parts to enable me to fit the LSD, Lobro shafts and smaller 240mm disc with wilwood caliper.

Is it possible to use lobro inner and push outer?

Maybe the disc bearing carrier could be modified?

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Old 31st October 2011, 12:59 PM
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7" sierra diff have both bolt on and push in drive shafts.
Will the Wilwood calipers not bolt straight onto the standard sierra rear disk carriers?If they are designated M16 i think it is they will bolt straight on.
If the carrier bracket is supplied then yes it will be the drum brake carrier/hub.
As far as i am aware you can mix and match the ends of the driveshafts to suit diff/hub etc.
Im lead to believe that on the bolt in driveshafts on the diff this is just a flange held on by an internal circlip and can be removed to make the diff the push in type or you can fit the flanges to another diff to make it the bolt on type.
Personally i wouldnt modify the bearing carrier/hub i would get a new one machined up to suit.
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Old 31st October 2011, 01:27 PM
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2 problems for you too think about. (assuming your are making a haynes)
The standard haynes uprights will not fit on alloys smaller than 15 inch.
Even on my pro race 1.2's (15inch) the bolts are very close to the inside of the rims.

The other problem is a few people on LB have had problems with the willwood HB calipers with IVA, have a search on there and you might find the problems.
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