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Hi Twinturbo
They are sierra stalks from 1992 sapphire 1.8cvh. Iíve spent days trying to figure out whatís wrong. I have two fused wires from the battery to pin 30 on the relays. Two wires from the ignition to pins 86 on relays. Pins 87 on the relays activate headlights. Pin 56b ( brown & white ) to 85 on dip relay and 56a to 85 on
High beam relay. Brown and black from pin 56 on right hand stalk to 56 on left hand stalk, this is earthed.
The dipped lights come on when ignition switched on (pos 2) even though position 2 on light stalk not activated. The lights work fine when left hand switch is put on high beam or flash. POS 1 on light stalk activates side lights. Bloody things wonít go off until ignition off or disconnect 56 from earth.
I have changed relays and stalks but still the same problem.
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