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Old 31st August 2008, 04:30 PM
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Default Building to the SVA Manual

As i am nearing the completion if the chassis frame i thought it was time to start thinking about sva so that i can can make sure everything complies as i build rather than changing loads of things at the end

i found this electronic version of the manual online. it says draft on it though. could anyone tell me if it is good enough to work from or should i just pay out for the paper copy?

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Old 31st August 2008, 08:27 PM
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Hi Ash
Having been though the SVA and had the sleepless nights I think is all down to common sense. Think has he mite think. Make sore every edge has radios. Keep it clean and tidy. Put all the wiring in to conduit. Keep it simple as you can so as you can change it for the better when you pass. If you can get it to where you can look at it from underneath as the SVA man would see it this will make a difference. Never think that will do! Take it for a MOT as it will give you the chance to get the lights in the right place, engine admissions, brakes, etc, Try to get the tachometer to read right.
Driving it to the mot will be the chance to drive it on the road so pick some were far away so you can get a fill for how the handles. You will enjoy this I can tell you.
Having some rapport with the SVA man is helpful but don’t get on his nerves.

Hope this helps
my Roadster
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Old 2nd September 2008, 10:13 PM
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I built my car using the old draft version from 1995 and passed first time.

The radius issue is pretty obvious, proper P clipping shows a good build, tidy and neat reasures the inspector of the quality.
Brake bias is an unknown unless you can get to calibrated brake rollers so make sure all the pipes are well fitted and as much as possible is either refurbed or new, i got through 4 master cylinders before buying new.
Seat belt mount height and strength.
Tyres must be correctly speed rated and the SVA inspectros are expecting top speeds to be declared at the same as the donor unless you can prove you have geared down with diff and smaller tyres.

You could take the car to an MOT station for a pre MOT check ( don't book it for MOT proper or you will have problems later if they log the results on the DVLA computer) this will give you an idea of brake performance, emissons and lights.

Don't expect a first time pass but if you build well and get plenty of people that have passed SVA to have a look, you will go to SVA knowing you have done your best and at the worst you will get a short list of things to correct.

My biggest problem was an electronic speedo that failed at 62 MPH due to the wrong use of coax cable, i was alowed to re wire it in the inspectors rest brake but it still needed a shielded cable and recalibrating, i finaly got it to just get to over 70 before the needle plumeted back to zero, then it was reading too low, in a panic i hot wired it to the battery, punched in some new numbers ( 3 times ) and scraped throught the test.
Have rewired with proper 2 core shielded cable and all is well

Best of luck and i realy mean this.. don't worry.. if you have built it with care you will be fine.
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